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Dear Friend, Travel back in time to experience the people, places and artifacts of the ancient Biblical world without leaving your chair.
  • Relive one of the most exciting archaeological events of the 20th century—the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in caves near Qumran. They have continued to fascinate scholars and historians for over 60 years.
  • Follow the “forgery trial of the century” and decide for yourself whether the ossuary inscription “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” is genuine or not. If it is, does it refer to the historical Jesus of Nazareth?
  • Explore the archaeological evidence supporting the historicity of the Bible and learn about the claims of the “Biblical minimalists” that the Bible is worthless as a source of history. They say it’s fiction, written 1,000 years or more after the events it describes.

The Biblical Archaeology Review Tablet Edition

We are proud to announce the new Biblical Archaeology Review iPad, Android and Kindle Fire editions. Now you can navigate the ancient world more easily than ever before: flip through issues with the swipe of a finger, zoom in on breathtaking photography, click on links in the table of contents, search for your favorite topics and take it all with you on your morning commute! The new app preserves the layout and beloved features of the print magazine and adds many exciting new features. A digital subscription includes the latest issues of Biblical Archaeology Review delivered right to your tablet, plus you’ll gain instant access to our complete BAR digital edition back-issue catalog—starting with our January/February 2011 issue and going forward—for as long as you’re a subscriber. February 2014 update: The Biblical Archaeology Review iPad app has received 100 five-star ratings in the iTunes store. We would like to thank our readers for the positive reviews, and we are pleased that you like the app! Click here to read more about how to install and use the BAR iPad, Android and Kindle Fire editions.

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You'll have the ancient world at your fingertips when you subscribe to the interactive digital edition of Biblical Archaeology Review magazine from the Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS). BAS is an acclaimed, nonprofit organization known for helping to unlock the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Your curiosity about the ancient world is easy to satisfy with instant access to a year of interactive issues featuring the latest archaeological discoveries and controversies. BAR’s fascinating material is now fully searchable, easily portable, and optimized for your iPad. And you will SAVE 44% off the cover price when you “Go Green!” Subscribe to the BAR digital edition now for only $19.95! BAR is at the forefront of new developments in Biblical archaeology and is the world’s leading Biblical archaeology magazine. Written by top archaeologists and scholars, BAR illuminates the Biblical text, answering—and asking—new questions in each issue. No wonder each lavishly illustrated, easy-to-understand issue is read by more than a quarter-million people! With the technology of the 21st century, you can explore the archaeology of the Bible anytime, anywhere in comfort! Take a stack of BAR issues on your commute without carrying a single piece of paper! And the pages in the BAR digital edition literally turn with a click of a button or a flick of the wrist! Navigate with ease: Access the latest news as soon as it’s available in BAR; quickly click through to articles from the table of contents; zoom in for a fresh perspective on our stunning images. Since 1975, our esteemed Biblical archaeology magazine has followed the evolution of our understanding of the authenticity, age and significance of sites and artifacts from the Biblical world. [mequoda_user_content post_title='BAR Digital OFIE jul-aug-2012'] “The next best thing to being there. An indispensable tool for the study of Near Eastern and Biblical Archaeology.” --Lawrence E. Stager, Dorot Professor of Archaeology, Harvard University Add the Biblical Archaeology Review digital edition to your eBookshelf now! As a BONUS, you’ll gain instant access to our complete BAR digital edition back-issue catalog—starting with our January/February 2011 issue and going forward—for as long as you’re a subscriber. You’ll enjoy the breathtaking photography, informative maps and diagrams, and updates on important finds. Additionally, you will have the option to receive special offers, including free eBooks, eNewsletters and announcements of exciting BAS travel/study programs.

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What better way to spend your time than to explore the world of the past through archaeology? Archaeological discoveries are the puzzle pieces of the past. Where else are you going to learn about the forces that even today continue to shape the world we live in? Archaeologists use every piece of evidence—from the tiniest fragment of pottery to monumental ruins of ancient fortification walls—to gain insight into the civilizations that made up the ancient world. Specialists who excavate in the lands of the Bible often unearth archaeological finds that deepen our understanding of the ancient world. With Biblical Archaeology Review’s digital magazine you will become personally involved in the most important scholarship going on today—direct from the archaeologists themselves—and how their finds and investigations affect our perceptions of the past and its lessons for the present. The BAR digital edition helps reveal the past by showcasing archaeological findings as they relate to Biblical writings and history. Breathtaking pictures and informative maps and diagrams help communicate the extraordinary details and increase understanding of Biblical events. You’ll unearth the archaeological world of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament with this nondenominational publication that appeals to a wide range of views and is written for both the layperson and the expert. The world’s foremost scholars and archaeologists share their insights on current excavations and the latest controversies, as well as ancient civilizations and mysteries. In each issue of the BAR digital edition, you’ll find
  • Often humorous, always enlightening letters to the editor
  • BAR Editor Hershel Shanks’s unique editorial page
  • Easy-to-understand, informative feature articles
  • Views on the Bible and archaeology
  • A close-up look at a beautiful piece of art
  • Reviews of the latest books
  • And more…
As a special bonus, each January/February issue contains BAR’s annual volunteer dig guide to archaeological excavations in the Middle East and the Classical world—the only resource of it’s kind. [mequoda_user_content post_title='BAR Digital OFIE may-jun-2011']

Contributors to Biblical Archaeology Review Digital Edition

You’ll get the story directly from the world-renowned archaeologists and scholars who reveal the treasures of the past, examine liturgical texts and ancient documents, and research Biblical people and cultures. We are fortunate to have such esteemed authors published in BAR digital magazine as Gabriel Barkay, Amnon Ben-Tor, James Charlesworth, John Dominic Crossan, Trude Dothan, Israel Finkelstein, Joseph Fitzmyer, Benjamin Mazar, P. Kyle McCarter, Jr., James F. Strange and Emanuel Tov—to name a few. You may have read about Biblical Archaeology Review in such publications as Time, People, or The New York Times, or seen us featured by CNN, PBS or the Discovery Channel. Our goal has been to make entire swaths of ancient history accessible to the general public.

Archaeological Discoveries at Your Fingertips in the BAR Digital Edition

While many key Biblical archaeology findings are the result of years of systematic and painstaking excavation, sometimes important Biblical archaeology finds covered in Biblical Archaeology Review are a complete accident, and here are a few examples:
  • Archaeologist Ze’ev Meshel happened upon a handful of painted fragments of pottery in the eastern Sinai desert. These pottery shards from Kuntillet ’Ajrud are now regarded as one of the most interesting Biblical archaeology findings, a discovery that altered our perception of the early Israelite religion.
  • The famous Nag Hammadi Library came to the world’s attention when two peasants discovered a 13-volume library of early Christian texts hidden beneath a large boulder in Egypt.
  • Archaeological site surveyor Gila Cook was shocked when she accidentally discovered an inscribed stone within a newly excavated wall in Israel. The writing on the stone contains the first historical evidence of King David outside the Bible, qualifying it as one of the most valuable Biblical archaeology findings. Of course there are countless more Biblical archaeology finds reported in the digital edition of each issue of our Biblical archaeology magazine; each more thought-provoking than the next. With your subscription, you will experience the thrill of discovery with the archaeologists themselves. You will also be able to delve into the authenticity of finds as we continue to play a role in gathering leading scholars from all over the world to assess well-known artifacts and new finds that may be labeled as forgeries.
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Archaeology Helps Us Understand the Biblical World

Excavations in Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and the surrounding region reveal a great deal about the world of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. Archaeology is continually refining modern understandings of the ancient world and Biblical figures. Ancient inscriptions have been found that refer to Biblical figures once considered legendary by the scholarly community. Recent Biblical Archaeology Review features have reshaped our understanding of the earliest kingdom of Israel. For example, the recently uncovered Qeiyafa Ostracon may refer to Saul's appointment as the first king of Israel, and excavations at Beth Shean show us where the Philistines hung his lifeless body; and the recent discovery of the famous Pool of Siloam shows us where Jesus cured the blind man. The BAR digital edition delves into such questions as:
  • What can archaeology tell us about the historical Jesus?
  • How did Jews, Romans and other non-Christian cultures view the historical Jesus’ teachings?
  • Would early Christian communities have identified themselves as Jewish?
  • What do we know about Roman crucifixion or the tomb in which the historical Jesus was buried?
  • What happened during the sieges at Masada and Lachish?
  • What do the Dead Sea Scrolls say about the Bible and ancient scribes?
  • What is the first archaeological evidence of the Israelites?
  • What do we know about sites mainly remembered for their Biblical significance?
BAR digital edition also presents the latest news and controversies along with ancient highlights. The recently concluded “forgery trial of the century” investigated the authenticity of several high-profile Biblical artifacts including an ossuary (bone box) inscribed “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.” BAR was the first publication to announce the discovery of the ossuary, and also supported the ultimately prevailing view that the archaeological evidence did not show forgery.

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Biblical Archaeology Review covers the latest archaeological discoveries in the lands of the Bible, presenting finds in a scientific, nondenominational style and theories in an accessible and approachable fashion. Our diverse readers are fascinated with historical records and the Bible as a literary, historical and religious text. BAR is a one-of-a-kind magazine that acts as a bridge between academic study of archaeology and a broad general audience eager to better understand the world of the Bible. The new digital editions of our Bible and archaeology magazine bring our best features into the hands of our enthusiastic readers who are eager to “Go Green” and see the ancient world revealed through the technology of the 21st century. Subscribe Now and begin reading your Biblical Archaeology Review digital edition immediately. Enjoy the fully searchable BAR digital edition anytime, anyplace—all at the special discounted price of only $19.95. I look forward to making future discoveries together,
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