Current Digital Issue September/October 2014 Vol. 40 No. 5

About this issue: With autumn around the corner, it is a time of transition and relocation for many, as college students move to their respective university towns and the school year starts afresh. Along with your textbooks, be sure to pick up the September/October 2014 issue of BAR to learn about some ancient (forced) relocations of people groups. Read more…

After Hadrian’s Banishment: Jews in Christian Jerusalem

After the Bar-Kokhba Revolt in the second century, Jews were banned from living in Jerusalem. Constantine proclaimed Christianity a lawful religion in 325, transforming Jerusalem into a Christian city, but the population remained diverse, with Jews and other minorities living there. Read more…

JPFs: More Questions than Answers

Robert Deutsch

Judahite Pillar Figurines were widespread in Judah during the First Temple Period. More than 100 years after their discovery, their symbolism and function remain a mystery. Read more…

2,000 Ancient Aramaic Business Scribbles (including the delivery of 30 mice)

Ada Yardeni

Inscribed Aramaic ostraca provide a window into life in fourth-century B.C.E. Idumea. The majority of these pottery pieces, however, are unprovenanced. Should they be published? Read more…

Ancient Israel through a Social Scientific Lens

Yigal Levin

Archaeology has come a long way since 19th-century explorers first mapped Biblical sites. Two recent volumes highlight the value of a new interdisciplinary approach as archaeologist Avraham Faust explores Israelite and Judahite society and the extent of the Babylonian destruction. Read more…

Love Your Neighbor: Only Israelites or Everyone?

Richard Elliott Friedman

The Book of Leviticus tells us to love our neighbors, but who are our neighbors? Does the command mean to just love fellow Israelites—or everyone? Read more…

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