Current Digital Issue November/December 2014 Vol. 40 No. 6

About this issue: As the hours of daylight grow shorter and the days become cooler, you may find yourself spending more time indoors and perhaps in need of good reading material. With your favorite hot beverage in hand, be sure to check out the November/December 2014 issue of BAR. From Eve to Jesus, this issue covers quite the expanse of Biblical archaeology! Read more…

The Other “Philistines”

Ephraim Stern

The Philistines, who established the famous five cities in the southern coastal plain, were just one tribe of Sea Peoples who invaded Canaan in the 12th century B.C.E. The northern Sea Peoples are known to us not by name in the Bible but from Egyptian sources—and from archaeology. Read more…

How Babies Were Made in Jesus’ Time

Andrew Lincoln

Was Jesus born of a virgin? This doctrine is firmly established in Christian creeds, but what does the New Testament say? Was Joseph involved in Jesus’ conception? If not, why is he referred to as Jesus’ father in Luke’s Gospel? Do ancient Greco-Roman biographies suggest one way in which these apparently contradictory accounts can be reconciled? Read more…

“Eves” of Everyday Ancient Israel

Carol L. Meyers

How subordinate were women in Biblical times? Archaeological evidence, ethnographic studies and Biblical texts illuminate women’s roles in both the household and community and give us a snapshot of what life was really like for ordinary women in Iron Age Israel. Read more…

Archaeological High Horse

Excavations at the dramatic site of Hippos-Sussita overlooking the Sea of Galilee have brought a Hellenistic Decapolis city back to life. A new excavation report features some exciting new finds. Read more…

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