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Browse or search over 6,600 articles from 35 years of Biblical Archaeology Review (1975 to present), 20 years of Bible Review (1985 to 2005 complete) and 8 years of Archaeology Odyssey (1998 to 2006 complete).


Do you read Biblical Archaeology Review and find yourself wanting to learn more by exploring the articles referenced in the footnotes? Notables provides every referenced article, organized in one place.

Smithsonian Books

The Smithsonian Books series illuminates the Bible through a multi-perspective approach. Includes an exploration the Bible through varied feminist perspectives. Also contains a thorough discussion of the historical Jesus.

Special Collections

While the BAS Library is completely searchable by topic, author, title and keyword, we have also put together a number of “Special Collections” that allow you to browse a selection of relevant articles on popular topics in one place. Take this opportunity to access excellent scholarship on specific topics, easily and quickly.

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