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Island Jewels: Understanding Ancient Cyprus and Crete

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Interested in the history and archaeology of Cyprus and Crete?

In this free eBook, discover the fascinating history of these mythical Mediterranean islands.

Take a journey to Cyprus and Crete, two stunning history-laden lands in the Mediterranean. Visit several key historical places on both islands and discover many of the great objects that have been unearthed there by archaeologists. Let the island hopping begin!

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  1. william says

    I have been to Crete. I was on duty there a NAMFI near Chaenia. It was a wonderful experience. The history of Crete is magnificent and the sites wonderful. The island and people were marvelous. Food was awesome and the nude beaches an eyeful. Recommend it!!

  2. Heikki says

    Just shortly: I love Crete!

  3. Sister says

    Thank you for this beautiful gift

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