Smiting the Old Gods: D.C.-Area Lecture May 18, 2014

Mark Smith and Elizabeth Bloch-Smith present the roots of Israelite monotheism

The Washington, D.C.-area Biblical Archaeology Forum (BAF) and Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA) (in conjunction with the Foundation for Jewish Studies) will be hosting the lecture “The Roots of Israelite Monotheism: Evidence from Archaeology & Texts” on Sunday, May 18 at 7:30 p.m. at Rockville, Maryland’s B’nai Israel Congregation.

Mark Smith, a Biblical scholar from New York University (NYU), joins Elizabeth Bloch-Smith, a field archaeologist from NYU and the Jewish Theological Seminary, to explore the origins of monotheism as practiced in ancient Israel. They will examine material evidence and analyze critical texts to support a new theory explaining where Israelite monotheism actually came from.

Click here to view a pdf with the complete program information.

Not in the D.C. area? BAS offers a wide range of travel/study programs in the United States and across the globe.

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  1. Robert says

    It came from Egypt and Pharoah Ahken-aton. Check it out.

  2. John says

    It came from God Himself who taught it to Adam who taught it to his posterity who taught it to Noah who taught it to Seth who taught it to Abraham. (If you do the math, Seth and Abraham lived at the same time.)

  3. John says

    Oh these people that insist on ignoring the chronology given in the Bible. Biblical chronology says that the Exodus was during the reign of Amenhotep II which would mean that Ahken-aten received his monotheism from Moses not the other way around!

  4. Axel says

    There is no Amenhotep II in the Bible, so you are using at least two chronological sources here. If you accept both at this point in time, you have to accept the rest of them too. So did the Egyptian empire really begin before the creation of the world? If so, how?

  5. John says

    The chronology in the Bible is straightfoward and simple. I Kings says that in the 480th year after the Exodus from Egypt in the 4th year of Solomon’s reign he began the Temple. Since Solomon became king in 970BC the 4th year of his reign was 966BC. Add 480 to that and you arrive at 1446BC which is in the middle of Amenhotep II’s reign. In Exodus chapters 2 & 3 we find that Moses killed a man and had to flee to Midian from the pharaoh. Forty years later when that pharaoh died Moses returned to Egypt. That means that the father of the Exodus pharaoh had to reign for 40 years. Amenhotep’s father Thutmose III reigned for over 50 years. That rules out Ramses Ii as his father Seti I did not reign for over 20 years. I am not sure where Axel gets the Egyptian empire began at the creation of the world. Genesis 10:6,13 says that Mizraim (Egypt) descended from Noah’s son Ham. That was considerably after creation.

  6. todd says

    Shroud of Jesus had long Hair. Bible quots that people with long Hair are disrespectful. Why does Adom need to know that Gold in the land is Good? Befor Fruit of knolage? Many Hard Proff Lies in Bible. Lolo. Tesla. Can distroy Energy
    . It trans form into High Energy Soul spirit

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