Mel Gibson to Make Film about Maccabean Revolt

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Warner Bros. studios and Oscar-winning actor and director Mel Gibson are teaming up to make an epic film about the Maccabean Revolt. According to reports, the film, which will be produced and possibly directed by Gibson, will focus on the life and achievements of the ancient Jewish hero Judah Maccabee who, along with his father and four brothers, led the successful second-century B.C.E. Jewish revolt against the Seleucid kingdom.* While it unknown whether Gibson will also act in the film, some have speculated that the 55-year-old actor could play Judah’s father, Mattathias. According to Gibson’s camp, the film will likely resonate with past Gibson epics, including Braveheart and The Patriot.

Mel Gibson to Make Film about Maccabean Revolt

Warner Bros. studios and Oscar-winning actor and director Mel Gibson are teaming up to make an epic film about the Maccabean Revolt.

* See Hershel Shanks, “Inscription Reveals Roots of Maccabean Revolt,” BAR, November/December 2008.

Read more about the upcoming film.

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  1. Carl says

    I hope he makes a movie true to the story in the Maccabee books. One that includes the supernatural occurences related in the books.

  2. Christopher says

    Unfortunately, because this has Mel Gibson’s name attached to it, it will likely be a travesty of the historical record. Just like Apocalypto, Braveheart, The Patriot and We Were Soldiers.

  3. Kola says

    I can’t believe it’s happening. How can Hollywood Jews allow this to happen, letting a hard nazi and a blood-sucking Jew-hater, a racist of 1st degree and terrible horrific individual like this jerk to play a Jew and the Greatest Jewish History Action? As a Jew I feel ashame, sure that those Jews who allow it are damaging everywthing that is good and pure Jewish… HORRIBLE!

  4. Juan Carlos says

    It´s interesting that Gibson is picking that kind of topics for his movies (The Passion, Apocalypto and now The Maccabean Revolt). This is part of Israel´s story that not too many westerners know about. I hope it will have a very good historic movie.

  5. Gavriel says

    With the mistakes made in The Passion of the Christ and the fact that his theology is christian based i do not believe he has the credentials to make a movie that has not only historic value but Biblical History based on believers in Truth as spelt out in the Tanakh and upheld by Yehoshua.

  6. Robert says

    While I fail to comprehend why a rabid anti-Semite like Gibson would want to be involved in making a movie about Jewish heroism & sacrifice, I figure that’s between him & his shrink. That said, I doubt his sincerity and his ability bring such a story to the screen in a historically accurate & reasonably fair manner. How can he understand, judge, and protray people and their actions, in a fair & simpatico way, when he hates their guts? If Gibson lived in 2nd cent. BCE Judea, wouldn’t he have been one of those fighting AGAINST the Maccabees?

  7. Robert says

    Kola – How could “the Jews” stop him? And, why would they? No people on this planet believe more passionately in democracy & the freedoms ennumerated & protected by the Constitution than Jews. And, unlike many of our Gentile neighbors, we understand that the Constitution protects the speech & expression of ALL, even the likes of bottom feeders like Gibson. Carl, no disrespect intended, but if the movie is to be historically accurate, the fairy tale aspects must be ignored.

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