Biblical Israel with Donkeys and…Wi-Fi?

In a bizarre twist of the old and new, the Israeli reenactment park Kfar Kedem, which offers tourists a glimpse of life in an ancient Jewish village in Galilee, has attached Wi-Fi routers to five of their donkeys in an attempt to bring the ancient world up to modern standards. Kfar Kedem’s site describes how tourists get the chance to “recreate the day-to-day life of this ancient land” with attractions including riding “the rolling hills as Abraham rode them.” While Wi-Fi is not exactly part of the Biblical narrative, the history and religion themed park is frequented by foreign tourists, who are now able to instantly share their experiences over the web without having to get off their asses.

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  1. Tony says

    re: Donkey/wifi article
    I usually enjoy your articles, but today you’ve made me get off mine to let you know it!

  2. Michelle says

    very punny!!

  3. Kenneth says

    That is too silly. Hope none of the people that take life far too seriously get offended. I am truly laughing out loud right now. NICE!

  4. Daniel says

    I do like the way Israelis approach this – one more way to attract tourists on one hand, and a typical display of their inventional mindset too… :-)

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