Ancient Chisel Unearthed at the Western Wall

Archaeologists believe 2,000-year-old chisel was used in Western Wall construction

IAA chisel

IAA archaeologists have discovered a 2,000-year-old chisel that may have been used to build the Western Wall on the Temple Mount. Photo: Clara Amit, courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority.

Archaeologists excavating at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have discovered a 2,000-year-old chisel they believe was used in the construction of the Western Wall.

The discovery was made at the base of the southern end of the Western Wall by Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) archaeologist Eli Shukron, who, with codirector Professor Ronny Reich, has been excavating in the City of David for the last 19 years.

The construction of the Western Wall has traditionally been attributed to King Herod the Great. As described by ancient Jewish historian Josephus, Herod undertook massive building programs during his reign in the last quarter of the first century B.C.E., including the rebuilding of the Temple in the area of the Temple Mount. The Western Wall was part of the massive retaining wall Herod erected to support the Temple Mount, the size of which was double that of Solomon’s original Temple platform.

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When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 C.E., the retaining wall was deliberately left standing as a reminder of the Roman conquest over the Jews. The history and significance of the part of the retaining wall we now call the Western Wall is described elegantly by Kathleen and Leen Ritmeyer in “Reconstructing Herod’s Temple Mount in Jerusalem”:

It was this fragment of masonry that became the focus for the longing of dispersed Jews throughout the centuries. Then it was known as the Wailing Wall; now it is called the Western Wall or simply ha-Kotel, the Wall. Today it is again a center of worship and also a site of national celebration. Contrary to common understanding, this wall is not a remnant of the Solomonic Temple Mount.

In 2011, the IAA announced the discovery of evidence underneath the Western Wall that post-date Herod’s reign. These finds demonstrate that Herod’s successors continued the building program begun by the megalomaniacal king. As Todd Bolen pointed out, the New Testament attests to the continuation of construction on the Temple Mount during Jesus’ time:

The Jews then said, “This temple has been under construction for forty-six years, and will you raise it up in three days?”
John 2:20

The IAA will issue a press release once testing has been done on the chisel as well as other finds from the excavation.

Read more about the discovery at the Western Wall.


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  1. Robert says

    “2,000-year-old chisel that may have been used to build the Western Wall on the Temple Mount”
    or used to build the house of a fish merchant, or it was the handle of a dagger, or just the tool used by a shoemaker? .

  2. AdamC says

    All of the above?

  3. Robert says

    Can we focus a little? Discoveries in the desert, the Nag Hammadi codices and Dead Sea Scrolls have changed everything. Jesus and Judas were fictional. We can prove it now. judaswasjames dot com The truth was covered up by “the Betrayal” invention. Inversion of the story was the m.o. Robert Eisenman discovered from the scrolls. He found Judas was James in Acts 1. I found Judas was James in the gospels.

  4. Robert says

    Robert I think you are so biased against the truths of the Bible that you will say anything to dispute whatever is said, discovered…..or proved. Why in the world do you choose to read this magazine? I think that you have a personal agenda to attempt to persuade people that the Bible is myth. How sad to to focus your life in trying to prove people’s faith is in vain. The word of God is to be taken by faith….it is a book that gives millions comfort. Will the unbelief of man make the faith of God without effect…..let God be true and every man a liar. Another Robert…here

  5. blacksam says

    yes it is true that there is always a creator somewhere who created everything including the confused human who always want to know more but only ends with a question!…….but take a look and see what is there no not even one can understand why this and that is there…see like mountains and rivers. So all am saying is that one day you will die but you dont know whether there’s another life or not. Just thank your creator of everything you see and what you imagine and we call Him God but still if you judge the bible then call Him the “Creator” not creature…….end.

  6. DENNIS says

    So, did the IAA ever release the results of the testing?

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