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Video: Inside the 2012 Ophel Excavations

Posted By Biblical Archaeology Society Staff On January 15, 2013 @ 11:22 am In Archaeologists, Biblical Scholars & Works,Jerusalem | 4 Comments

The Ophel in Jerusalem sits at the heart of Biblical archaeology. The site’s rich research history stretches back to Charles Warren in the 1860s, and the Ophel continues to yield incredible discoveries to this day. The most recent Ophel excavation season, directed by Dr. Eilat Mazar, wrapped up on December 31, 2012, and archaeologists with the Herbert W. Armstrong College produced the following video on their informative website, The Key to David’s City [1]. Watch the excavation in action! Examine a three thousand year old fire pit with supervisor Amir Kohen Klonymus, hear from the excavators, sponsors and their families, and find out about the hard work and exciting discoveries made in 2012 directly from Dr. Eilat Mazar.
See more at http://www.keytodavidscity.com/ [1]

**Video reproduced with permission from Eilat Mazar. From The Key to David’s City [1].**

Discover recent finds from the Ophel, including Jerusalem’s oldest inscription [2] and the bountiful “Ophel Treasure. [3]

More from Eilat Mazar

Dr. Eilat Mazar, of the Institute of Archaeology of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has excavated in ancient Jerusalem for over 30 years. She directs archaeological excavations on the summit of the City of David and at the southern wall of the Temple Mount.


The Walls of the Temple Mount. [4] This elegant, beautifully crafted boxed set records every stone in the walls of Jerusalem’s holiest site, the Temple Mount, and explains their significance – the gates, the arches, the secret passages, the sealed-up entrances, the underground tunnels and more.

Discovering the Solomonic Wall in Jerusalem [5] This charming, informative, scholarly, yet understandable book combines youthful memories of her grandfather with Mazar’s own most recent excavations, exploreing the southern gate of biblical Jerusalem and discovering the city wall built by King Solomon.

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