The Arch of Titus in Color

Digital restoration of the Arch of Titus in Rome

The article “True Colors: Digital Reconstruction Restores Original Brilliance to the Arch of Titus” by Steven Fine, Peter J. Schertz and Donald H. Sanders in the May/June 2017 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review describes digital scanning conducted on the famed Roman triumphal arch. Watch an exclusive video of the authors’ groundbreaking work below.


Herod’s desert fortress on the mountaintop of Masada was made famous as the site of the last stand between the besieged Jewish rebels and the relentlessly advancing Romans at the conclusion of the First Jewish Revolt. In the free ebook Masada: The Dead Sea’s Desert Fortress, discover what archaeology reveals about the Jewish defenders’ identity, fortifications and arms before their ultimate sacrifice.


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  1. Marcia says

    What extraordinary work! I have written a novel, PARIS LAMB, where the Arch of Titus is featured. It is enhanced by the use of color! Thank you.
    Marcia Fine

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